A spotlight on David Martinson, Group Travel Video’s

Tell us a bit about your role and how it supports the business?

My role is to keep the business on course and keeping up to date on technological changes that effect the business. Technology can be a friend or adversary. So far, we are on good terms. 😊

What has been your career highlight to date?

It is difficult to recall a specific career highlight that spans 25 years. But it is always a bright day when my fellow associates find their niche and happiness by working here.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

We are given two ears and one mouth for a reason.

If you were not working in this sector what other industry would you have pursued a career in?

Meteorology.  I have always been a weather nerd.

What are the emerging trends within your sector?

Covid has brought a heightened awareness of safety with clear and quick communication. Video has been surging for the past few years and is the sector we have been in since 1997.

What is coming up for your company in the next 12/18 months?

As most in the travel industry, the pause button has been on since March 2020. The near future will be working on unsticking that button and reigniting the enthusiasm for our product, Group Travel Videos, and travel in general.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our industry, what is the one thing that you have learnt personally or professionally during this time?

Patience and persistence. Always have had persistence but did not realise I had ability for patience too. It is amazing what one can do when one has no choice.

As we head towards recovery what do you think the challenges and opportunities are for our sector?

For over a year now the media and government has pounded fear into young and old. The long-term effects of this are unclear. At this point in my life, I realise people have shorter memories than the ‘experts’ say. The opportunity to return ‘back to normal’ may come faster than they think.

How do you think Covid-19 will change our industry (if at all)?

It has already changed travel, the question is – will it change back? For the most part I think it will but it will take a year or so I believe.

Name three positives to come out of lockdown.

Save for the rainy day, learning patience, and lower spread of all diseases as people have learned how to avoid infections.

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Published 01 August 2021