ABC offers English for Work courses

In this time of challenges, almost everyone is having to adapt to change at work. At ABC Cambridge, we know from talking to our clients and agents how this is affecting many people, so while adapting our own offer to meet the demands of the changing market, we decided to introduce a range of ‘English for Work’ courses to help people boost their English skills for work, and to stand out from the crowd in the ever-more competitive jobs market

Having English as a second language is becoming increasingly important; it is the language of international business, and a good grasp of English will make you an attractive prospect to an employer. Over 1 billion people who speak English are non-native speakers.

Unlike the usual ‘Business English’ courses, ABC’s ‘English for Work’ programmes are specifically designed to help clients learn English for their own line of work. That way they maximise their time and budget to focus on furthering their own career.

ABC’s English for Work courses range from job-hunting, cv-writing and interview techniques, through work-place staples like meetings (including online via Zoom etc), negotiations and presentations, to the area-specific subjects such as finance, technology and nursing.

Our teachers use authentic materials wherever possible to ensure the lessons are relevant and realistic.

We currently offer 13 specialisms, with more being added. The full range is available on our website, together with more information on the individual modules.

Courses are available online via our ABC LIVE virtual school or face-to-face in Cambridge, and there are options for intensive, semi-intensive and part-time learning. Clients simply choose which topic they would like to study. Some courses have a minimum entry level, so we ask clients to take a short test before enrolment.

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