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The British Educational Travel Association (BETA) was established in 2003 as a not for profit membership association and now represents some of the biggest and best-known businesses in the youth, student and educational travel industry.

Since then we have pro-actively created a platform and network for businesses engaged within the sector, to meet, network and trade.  BETA’s role is to represent and co-ordinate the interests of this fast growing and dynamic industry.  

Our two long-term strategic aims are:

  • to highlight the enormous value of youth, student and educational travel to, from and within the UK
  • to create commercial opportunities between buyers and sellers of youth related products

 The association currently represents over 120 organisations across the following sectors:

Youth and student tour operators and travel retailers
School travel organisers
Youth accommodation providers (homestay, hostels, student accommodation)
Activity holiday and summer school/camp providers
Language schools, education providers and educational institutions
official student and tourism bodies
Study abroad, work exchange, au pair and internship programme organisers
Gap year, volunteering and adventure travel organisations
Destinations, tourist boards, RDAs, LGOs
Transport and sightseeing operators
Attractions, restaurants and venues
  Plus many others

BETA purpose statement

The association that represents the community of British youth, student and educational travel organisations.


To nurture our growing network of member organisations, continuing to provide a place to exchange ideas and information through creating innovative networking events such as seminars, conferences and trade exchange workshops.


To Identify areas of common interest and be “the” strong, unified and independent voice for our members to maintain and improve our recognised status with government, associated agencies and industry influencers worldwide.


To ensure members are kept abreast of impactful global travel conditions, trends and issues whilst providing assistance and advice on UK specific legislation that will impact student and youth travel.


To quantify and publicise the benefits of youth and educational travel to the wider industry and government alike in order to promote the value and importance of this sector.

Aims & objectives

  • to raise the profile of education and/or education travel to, from and within the United Kingdom
  • to establish and maintain a recognised status by informing industry influencers world-wide along with government and other associated agencies
  • to create and maintain a network of member organisations, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information
  • to create commercial opportunities between buyers and sellers
  • to express a strong, independent and unified voice on matters of common interest
  • to assist Members with the development and dissemination of information so as to provide young people from all countries; the opportunity to engage in travel to, from and with the United Kingdom
  • to secure mutual understanding and co-operation among all Members of the Association in any way which may be found practicable including conferences, seminars, training, exchange of literature and information
  • to establish guidelines for the conduct of business among Members of the Association and for the treatment and protection of participants in education and or youth and educational travel and tourism programes
  • to take such action as may be possible to assist in the development of education and or youth and educational travel and tourism programmes in countries where they do not exist and to encourage government and official bodies to facilitate travel to and from their countries with a reasonable set of effective regulations
  • to continue to improve the quality of services provided by Members and to encourage the maintenance of a high standard of facilities
    to increase public awareness of the professionalism of the Members of the Association and the benefits of education and or youth and educational travel and tourism in general

BETA manifesto

BETA’s objective is to create a long term strategic document which outlines the areas of importance to us as an industry, with the objective being to maintain a communication channel with government, and just as importantly between public and private sector organisations. This new document aims to define our sector, highlight the barriers to growth and encourages influencers within the halls of power to support this dynamic sector.

BETA urges Government to:

  • Increase and improve consultation between the industry and Government departments on issues that affect the travel industry.
  • Recognise the economic contribution made by the inbound market by addressing the “Challenges to Growth” contained in this manifesto
  • Take into consideration the importance of the educational travel sector when introducing legislation that directly or indirectly affects the sector.
  • Continue to encourage British young people to travel the world where they not only contribute to the societies they visit but also to return to Britain with better skills and enhanced understanding.

Read our manifesto as an e-book by clicking on the image opposite or read as a PDF now.

BETA constitution

BETA is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association filed at Companies House.

This Constitution serves as an explanitory document setting out the procedures and practices in relation to the operation of BETA. Copies of the articles can be obtained in writing via the Secretariat.

All BETA Members agree to abide by the constitution upon applying for membership.

Amendments to the constitution may only be made at the AGM or at an EGM called for that purpose.

Notice of any proposed amendments to the Constitution by Full Members must be submitted in writing at least 12 weeks prior to the next AGM.

Read the full BETA constitution.

Who’s Who

Our board of directors are made up from a voluntary group of association members and play a vital role in the setting of policy and strategic direction.

Executive Director

Emma English

BETA Executive Director
Emma is responsible for the day to day operation of BETA. Working in collaboration with the board of directors, Emma creates and implements the direction of the association.
Board Members
Honorary Members

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