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British Youth Travel Awards

British Youth Travel Awards

2016 Winners Announced!

Parliamentary Reception

Parliamentary Reception

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BETA Manifesto


The first document was created back in 2007 and whilst there have been some successes there are still significant barriers to growth for our industry.

I am pleased to share here a link to the newly published manifesto, please click on the image above or the link here: read in Issuu now or click here to read as a PDF now

BETA’s objective is to create a long term strategic document which outlines the areas of importance to us as an industry, with the objective being to maintain a communication channel with government, and just as importantly between public and private sector organisations. This new document aims to define our sector, highlight the barriers to growth and encourages influencers within the halls of power to support this dynamic sector.

Youth travel is still the fastest growing travel sector and the most sustainable in terms of its promotion of other travel segments, e.g. visiting friends and relatives. Our recent study showed that half of all young travellers here for education welcomed between 2-4 visitors during their stay. We also know that the benefits of this type of travel are not just financial, but that it also helps us to create a diverse and culturally aware population, thus increasing our competitiveness as a world-class nation.

The aim is not to simply create a ‘wish list’, but to clearly define the areas where we as an industry need better support and understanding.

BETA urges Government to:

  • Increase and improve consultation between the industry and Government departments on issues that affect the travel industry.
  • Recognise the economic contribution made by the inbound market by addressing the “Challenges to Growth” contained in this manifesto
  • Take into consideration the importance of the educational travel sector when introducing legislation that directly or indirectly affects the sector.
  • Continue to encourage British young people to travel the world wherethey not only contribute to the societies they visit but also to return to Britain with better skills and enhanced understanding.

I am pleased to share here a link to the newly published manifesto, please click on the image below or the link here: read in Issuu now or click here to read as a PDF now


We have ensured a wide distribution of this document, sending it to MP’s, Peers, destinations, tourist boards, RDAs, LGOs, industry members, representative bodies and others.  If you would like to nominate further recipients of this document, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat.

Tourism Growth and Employment

This video highlights the growth and employment benefits that are derived from tourism and how tourism has been at the forefront of the UK’s economic recovery.

Video Source: Tourism Alliance

If you would like us to extend an invitation to the BETA Parliamentary Reception to your local MP, or to send them a copy of the Manifesto, please click the box here:


BETA would like to take this opportunity to thank the BETA Members who contributed to this document.


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