Masterclass Agenda:  AI in Study Marketing

Date: Tuesday 26 September 2023
Location: Bayswater College, 167 Queensway, London W2 4SB
Time: 9am until 1pm 

 1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Overview of key AI platforms
  • Key features of popular AI tools
  • Industry-specific applications 

2. Current Advantages and Pitfalls of AI 
  • How AI can enhance marketing efforts 
  • Challenges and pitfalls in the use of AI
  • How to effectively manage these challenges

3. The Art of Prompting AI: Current Best Practices
  • What are AI prompts?
  • How to effectively prompt AI for best results
  • Hands-on exercise on prompting AI

4. Application of AI in Study Tourism Marketing
  • How to integrate AI in your current marketing strategies
  • Practical examples for the tourism industry
  • Interactive session for questions and answers

5. Hands-On Task: Using AI in a Marketing
  • Participants will be given a mock scenario related to their business where they will have to use an AI tool in a marketing exercise
  • Share ideas and results

6. Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks
  • Review of the day’s activities and lessons
  • Feedback and evaluations
  • Future support and resources