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For organisations primarily engaged in the sending or receiving of youth, student and educational travellers

Membership Eligibility:

  • Must have been in existence as a legal entity for a minimum of one full year
  • Must be involved in the business of providing or supplying services to the education and/or youth and educational travel market
  • Must be accredited and/or licensed to conduct business where such a requirement is mandatory

Subscription fees

Annual subscription fees are determined by the turnover of your organisation in the last financial year. All new applications are subject to a ‘one-time’ joining fee.  If your organisation is a charity you will receive a further 10% discount off of your appropriate subscription bracket.

Annual Turnover

Subscription Fee

One-time joining fee

£0-£400,000 £605 + VAT £95 + VAT
£401,000 to £1 million £860 + VAT £150 + VAT
£1 to £5 million £1140 + VAT £200 + VAT
£5 million upwards £1440 + VAT £250 + VAT

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