Ardmore’s brand new programme Ardmore X 

With over 35 years’ experience, Ardmore Language Schools are one of the most respected Junior language travel specialists in the UK, USA, and Canada, helping junior international students achieve academic success through their uniquely designed courses 

Two years ago, the Ardmore Academic team began work on creating Ardmore X. The key aim was to provide a new, up-to-date, and engaging tool that would help our students to succeed in today’s world, improving their English language and developing their international perspective and confidence. Clearly, children and teenagers in the 2020’s learn in a very different way to how we learnt in the past, so we wanted to bring our materials into the 21st Century by creating more visual and audio content that would be engaging for our students.

Ardmore X is specifically designed for young learners of the Generation Alpha, with an extensive library of authentic video-based content that can be adapted to suit a student’s needs and progress. This revolutionary online platform not only helps students improve their listening and speaking skills, but also allows them to receive instant feedback through the platform and to collaborate with qualified teachers, who monitor the students’ development, then guide them on through the most suitable language programme. Learning through a combination of collaborative tasks, gamification and real speaking opportunities, Ardmore X is engaging for all ages.

Designed as a learning support for students at every stage of their journey, Ardmore X can be used by students in very different ways: to prepare for their language trip in UK or North America; to use whilst studying at an Ardmore centre to further enhance their learning experience; or to continue their language development after they return to their home countries. As an additional option for any students who cannot travel this year, Ardmore X offers a full international online programme, which will be delivered this summer 5th July – 13th August 2021.

The Ardmore X products:

Students will have an extra opportunity to prepare for their language adventure in advance, with full access to the platform through a combination of self-guided and live lessons.
Post Course
Ardmore X helps students continue their studies after their in-person learning is complete, so that they can continue to improve their level of English language.
On Course
Whilst studying an Ardmore course, Ardmore X provides additional, enhanced & engaging content for all students. Working as a supportive tool the platform allows students to practise, review and supplement their new skills.
Full online programme Ardmore X’s full online programme allows students to follow a course of 10 hours of live online lessons each week, together with supported self-study and unlimited access to the platform.

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