The British Educational Travel Association (BETA) and the Association of Belgian Education and Language Immersion Operators (ABELIO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support, strengthen and increase collaboration between their members in the youth, student and educational travel industry

The purpose of this MOU is to strengthen cooperation between the two associations, to build trust, align messaging and to offer reciprocal support and industry intelligence.

Commenting on the partnership, Emma English, BETA’s Executive Director said 

The pandemic has proved that more than ever we must strengthen our international partnerships. By aligning with ABELIO we are able to formulate a series of actions and events that can support the long-term recovery of our members. Through this partnership we will encourage member to member collaboration to create safe, fun and innovative products, programmes and itineraries for young people

ABELIO President, Pascal Carré added 

ABELIO is very happy to partner with BETA to strengthen the collaboration with many UK partners and friends. More than ever, associations must work together to increase awareness of one another, to reach out to more potential partners and ultimately develop more business for both associations’ members

The two associations already share a series of common objectives including promoting the importance of youth mobility and increasing the quality of the products, programmes and itineraries available to young travellers.

The announcement comes ahead of BETA’s Youth Travel Workshop which brings together buyers and suppliers from the UK and overseas to meet, network and trade.

BETA also has international partnership with BELTAARSAAWYSEEnglish UK