BREXIT: Immigration in a No Deal Scenario

Immigration in a No Deal Scenario

As a team we are at the moment busy recruiting hosted buyers from overseas to attend our Youth Travel Workshop

During this process there have been many interactions from these businesses with concerns over travel for their groups and individuals post Brexit.

You may have seen that on 28th January the Home Secretary published a policy statement regarding immigration in a no deal scenario. You can find this here however the key points to note are:

Visiting the UK: Arrangements for tourists and business visitors will not look any different. Although the underlying legal framework will change, EU citizens coming for short visits will be able to enter the UK as they can now, and stay for up to three months from each entry.  Until 31 December 2020, EU citizens will be able to enter the UK by showing either a valid national identity card or a passport.

Crossing the border: Ensuring a frictionless border from day one will be a priority. Therefore, EU citizens will continue to be able to enter the UK as now, using e-gates when travelling on a biometric passport. They will also be able to enter the UK for short-term visits without a visa. They will be subject to security checks, as now, but we will apply the UK deportation threshold in the case of criminality and conduct committed after the UK’s exit. They will be automatically granted leave to enter by order, which will mean they can stay for up to three months and will be permitted to work and study, which will mean they can start those activities on arrival.

Working or studying in the UK: EU nationals who wish to stay longer than three months will need to apply to the Home Office for leave to remain within three months of arrival. Subject to identity, criminality and security checks, leave to remain will be granted for 36 months which will include permission to work and study.  This will be non-extendable so those who wish to stay longer-term will need to apply in due course under the future immigration system.

You can read more from the Home Secretary Sajid Javid here

There are huge concerns from industry regarding the Government stance on Erasmus+.  A no-deal Brexit would hugely impact the UK’s position as a world class study abroad location. The latest release from the European Commission can be read here

Please do share with us any interactions that you are having or if you need more support. We are sharing all of this information back with government so that they better understand what is going on on ground level.  We are urging them to clarify their intentions as soon as possible.