Introducing BETA’s Revamped Quarterly Business Barometer

BETA’s Business Barometer (BBB) is undergoing an exciting update

The BBB is our quarterly online survey which we use to measure the trends and performance of our members in the youth, student and educational travel sector.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our members, the BBB has undergone a revamp to help us to collect more relevant information from members each quarter.  In addition we will also be offering new format reports and benchmarking analysis to enable you to further benefit from this important research.

To assist in this process we have commissioned STR – a specialist independent tourism market research agency – to help us collect, collate and report on the data each quarter.

Emma English, BETA’s Executive Director said

“We are delighted to be working with STR on this revamped membership benefit and to drive forward the importance of industry data and benchmarking.  BETA represents our members on various high level boards in the travel, tourism and education space and it is important that we are able to talk accurately and with confidence about business performance within our sector.”

This important development helps us to have the most accurate and complete understanding of ongoing issues and trends so as to best represent your interests and needs at the highest level.


All research conducted by STR is GDPR compliant and your data and feedback will be treated with the strictest levels of confidence and security. All individual survey responses are analysed and reported anonymously and results are, always based on aggregates and never attributable to any respondents.