Capsule Hostel generates increase in bookings

St Christopher’s Inns’ Capsule Hostel in London generates significant increase in bookings

Earlier this year, backpacker hostel operator St Christopher’s Inns launched the UK’s first capsule beds in London. This trendy concept was inspired by the rise of capsule beds in hostels around China, Japan and Singapore – and as a result, the pan-backpacker hostel decided to design its very own bespoke capsule beds, installing 26 of them at their award-winning hostel in London Bridge ‘St Christopher’s At the Village’.

Since the installation of the capsules, the company kicked off a full blown marketing campaign in-house that resulted in a significant increase in bookings, net bed rate and brand recognition on an international scale through mass press coverage. The success of the capsules and the marketing strategy that came with it was the biggest return on investment St Christopher’s Inns has ever received from a campaign.

Part of our product research involved talking to our guests and asking what they would like to see more of in a hostel and one of the most common answers was a better sense of privacy and ‘me’ time. We wanted to cater to this need whilst still providing the fun social environment our hostel is famous for. So, we decided to take normal hostel beds to the next level featuring state-of-the art technology in order to create an exciting new product that genuinely benefits travellers. These beds have proved extremely popular with our customers and we are delighted to share some of our successes.

Since launching the capsules, the group has benefited from significant financial gain and brand awareness. Immediately after the capsule bed marketing campaign, it generated unprecedented results:

  • The capsule net bed rate increased by 46%
  • Direct booking share for these beds increased by 63%
  • Web Traffic overall spiked by +265%
  • Gained over 30 pieces of worldwide press coverage

Following the brilliant success of the capsule beds installed at the St Christopher’s Inns site in London Bridge, the Group has decided that it will be beneficial to roll out the development of capsule beds across existing and new sites in the future. We believe a new demand has been created for this style of bed in the UK market.

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