A Spotlight on Imperial College London Elzbieta Pach

  Whilst there are undoubtedly challenges around rising costs and the use of technology in remote programmes, there are opportunities for the industry to address these challenges. Universities are comprehensive education providers, offering all the necessary resources and services in one convenient location, catering to programme organisers and students’ needs and creating a more seamless […]

A Spotlight on TRS Susi Triogo-Rossier

After Brexit, European students now need a passport to travel to the UK, which might discourage many of them since previously they could use their European ID to travel. This change makes it harder for European students to visit and study in the UK.On a positive note, we have seen a big increase in educational and school groups from the UK and the USA in the last two years and we are looking forward to welcoming back educational groups from China as well.

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust receives coveted Sandford Award

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust is delighted to announce that the learning provision at The Historic Dockyard Chatham has received the esteemed Sandford Award for high achievement in heritage education. This award reflects the excellence of the sessions delivered by the team, which includes work with schools, colleges and universities as well as families, community and special interest groups