Celtic Group Hostels celebrates 25 Years

Ireland’s leading hostel network and group travel organiser celebrated 25 years in business on 16 May 2019 

Managing Director Nicola Foley says  “our company started back in 1994 when the hostel industry was in it’s infancy; students & youth travellers wasn’t really a recognised market segment; Ireland poorly rated as a travel destination with very poor airlines access. 

Fast forward 25 years to today’s market:  – the hostel market is huge / student & youth travellers now represent 23% of the over 1 billion tourists travelling internationally / Ireland is now a leading travel destination with award winning attractions and experiences / Flight access into Ireland – 2,833 flights per week in high season provided by 44 airlines. 
CGH now handles over 800 youth & student group bookings into Ireland annually. 

Nicola continues “CGH success factors are its strong customer service and relationships across the industry with suppliers and the leading youth & student group travel organisers.    We employ great people to deliver this and everyone has their different strengths which is a great combination in our team.   We provide a very personal services to our clients – ensuring we always deliver what we promise.   We’ve exciting things planned for the business to enhance this service and here’s to the next 25 years…….

CGH celebrated in style on the 16 May hosting a Thank you party for over 100 of their leading agent partners and suppliers.   It was an enjoyable evening – featuring entertainment by the award winning Irish House Party musicians and not to mention an Irish dancing flash mob !!  provided by Celtic Rhythm Professional dancers – Nicola says “well with CGH being the client this time and organising the party ourselves it was always going to be an EPIC event…… one to be remembered for a long time !!

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