Clink Hostels pledges 1000 free beds for volunteers

Clink Hostels pledges to facilitate change – to make a real difference, be in tune with the younger generation and stand up, by offering travellers keen to volunteer with key social causes 1000 free bed nights

“Let’s not go back to the old normal – it wasn’t working. Let’s take this crisis and try to find the positives – it is time to embrace change!” – Mark Fenelon, CEO of Clink Hostels

During lockdown, Clink conducted a survey and listened to over 700 guests from its core demographic of 18-39 year olds spanning 36 different countries to understand how they would make a positive impact on the world and the support they need to make a real difference. Following the research, Clink found that 46% of the world’s population is not being listened to.

An overwhelming 86% of the survey respondents felt that companies should do more to challenge current social, political and environmental issues, indicating that 18-39 year olds believe not enough is being done to tackle racism, sustainability, gender and wealth inequality, health and ability to travel.

Having already welcomed members of climate group Extinction Rebellion in September, offering 150 complimentary beds for protesters in Amsterdam, Clink is always on the hunt for people wanting to make a difference to tackle the issues that are on top of this generation’s agenda, and invite other brands to join the cause and to stand up. As a guest-centric brand, Clink Hostels is about being in-tune with its guests and communities in each of its cities. The 1000 bed pledge to support those giving back to worthwhile causes is just the start of Clink’s campaign to make a difference.

Our guests are clearly asking companies to have purpose as well as profit, and to move beyond faceless donations and self-servicing promotion. Therefore we have shut up and listened to our travellers. There is a whole generation out there, with passionate beliefs and a strong moral compass. They want to travel, but they also want to give back to their communities and the destinations they travel to. We want to help and support a generation that is facing some of the worst fall-out from this pandemic,

Mark Fenelon, CEO of Clink Hostels.

The comments from Clink’s travellers were extremely clear:

“I would love to see companies supporting the social development of the communities that they
are inserted into and that their workers come from. If all companies did just that, the world would be better for sure.”

“They should spend time solving issues and making change rather than donating money – although that is great, I don’t think it’s as proactive.”

The research conducted by Clink is supported by existing research from, which found that 49% of tourists in the 18-39 age group feel that social issues at their destination of choice are of real importance, with another poll indicating that those aged 18 to 29 consider social responsibility to be as important as affordability when booking a trip.

Further research by UKFundraising shows that a surge of young people willing and available to volunteer has coincided with a dramatic year for social change, creating a rise in the hunger for supporting social movements.

Mark Fenelon continues:

Although it is hard to travel right now, we still want to be able to support the younger generation. We encourage those keen to make a difference to either volunteer with their local registered charity to support community causes or take part in a digital fundraising event to assist an important global cause. If we can all make a conscious effort to dedicate a portion of our time to causes close to our hearts, we can all make a difference.

Clink Hostels recognises that it has a long way to go and can’t offer all the right answers, but it wants to make a start and be part of this potential generational change. For those volunteers looking to make a difference, Clink Hostels is encouraging them to visit the ‘Shut Up & Listen’ page on its website for inspiration on how they can get involved, work together to facilitate change and receive one of the 1000 free beds Clink is offering to volunteers.

Is there ever a good time for companies to change, especially in a crisis? Stop wishing, stop excusing, start doing. Clink is looking for other companies to join them and pledge what they can do to help facilitate change.

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