UK-France Joint Leaders Declaration – school trips

UK-France Joint Leaders Declaration – school trips

On Friday UK PM met with President Macron to reaffirm the long standing friendship and partnership between France and the UK

One important part of that agreement is set out in the declaration referring to school trips

Cooperation and policy exchanges on school education, facilitation of school trips and exchanges, including in the field of vocational education, opportunities for language learning will be expanded. On school travel, the United Kingdom committed to ease the travel of school groups to the UK by making changes to documentary requirements for schoolchildren on organised trips from France. France commits to ensuring appropriate mechanisms are in place for visa free travel for children travelling on organised school trips from the United Kingdom and to facilitating the passage of those groups through the border

We are lacking any other detail on this at the moment, but will keep you updated and we certainly hope and expect that this will open the doors for more alignment with other EU countries.

Published 13 March 2023