Bayswater launches Digital Marketing courses online

With the advent of lockdown and the prospect of long-term social distancing, Bayswater College has focused on putting together a unique offering in the International Education sector. There has never been a better time for people to focus on career skills

Many schools have rushed to put their English language courses online, trying to mimic the experience of travelling abroad to learn a language. Students, whether they come from Brazil, Thailand or Turkey, can access affordable high quality online education in their own countries or from very well established online providers.

People are getting “zoom fatigue”, put simply, spending 15 hours+ a week on your laptop to study in interactive classes is too intensive. Adding online social activities throughout the week only makes things worse.

Bayswater College has taken a different approach. Instead of rushing into a crowded marketplace they have focused on what they have that is unique and how they can deliver it in a practical way. Bayswater College is launching its Digital Marketing courses online, giving students the opportunity to learn the latest developments in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing and Pay-per-click advertising from the safety of their homes. Accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute, they offer professional certification in one of the world’s fastest growing industries. 

The DMI Pro gives students access to course content for 6 months, so they can study at their own pace and take the exam when ready. The DMI Pro online platform offers 30+ hours of video lectures, case studies and practical exercises to complete.

Bayswater has also innovated in offering a supported version that has the features of DMI Pro, but with total academic support. The DMI Pro Guided students are given a personal tutor, tutorial sessions and live online review lectures every week. The course has more structure, giving students clear deadlines to complete modules and access to professional digital marketers.

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