EU Advice to UK Travelers if there is a No Deal Brexit

The EU has released a Factsheet on travel to the EU for UK residents in the event of a No Deal Brexit

This advice includes:

  • UK nationals travelling to the EU will face extra border checks.
  • Guards may ask travelers for information including the duration and purpose of their trip, as well as an explanation of how they intend to support themselves while in the EU.
  • To enter the EU, UK nationals will need a passport issued within 10 years preceding the date of travel which also remains valid for three months after the planned trip is over.
  • UK nationals will be able to travel visa-free for trips to the EU of up to 90 days in a 180-day period, provided the UK allows EU citizens to do the same.
  • The EU will impose customs checks on those entering the bloc from the UK and UK travelers will not be allowed to carry some goods across the border including meat, cheese, milk, plants, plant products and some animals, as well as cash exceeding 10,000 euro.
  • Healthcare access using the European Health Insurance Card for both UK citizens in the EU and EU citizens in the UK will no longer be available in the event of a no-deal Brexit
  • UK nationals planning on driving in the EU need to check the rules in the member state they are travelling to as what international permit is required.
  • UK nationals will be entitled to VAT refunds but must present the goods along with VAT refund documents when they are leaving the EU.

View Factsheet here