Start: 2 July, 2019
3:30 pm
End: 2 July, 2019
5:00 pm

Event Venue

House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW

You are invited to join us at this important calendar event to shine a spotlight on the importance of the youth, student and educational travel market and the long-term value that it delivers to the UK economy.


Youth, student and educational travel is the future of UK tourism, worth over £27 billion per annum to the UK economy, and represents over one third of the total inbound market. Youth tourism is also a crucial segment with which to influence, creating global citizens at a young age, that will return time and time again, to work, study or holiday.

Youth tourism has traditionally been misunderstood as low yield explaining why many governments have overlooked it and have targeted more mature sectors and travellers.  However, with the substantial growth in demand for study abroad, language learning, gap years and other youth travel niches the market is gaining more attention.

Characteristically youth travellers stay longer and the geographic dispersal of their spend gets deeper into the economy, with greater local employment and wealth creation and less leakage overseas. Their total spend during their stay is the greatest of any sector.

We know that as a market the sector is fast growing, dynamic, and able to deliver long term benefits to Britain. BETA urges the UK Government to unlock the barriers to growth to allow the economic wealth creation from this sector to reach its full potential.

This event is open to BETA Members only and tickets cost £52 + VAT per person.

Your registration includes a traditional Afternoon Tea and refreshments, plus the ability to invite your local MP or person of influence.



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