Start: 1 April, 2020
10:30 am
End: 1 April, 2020
11:30 am

With so much of the world reverting to remote working its more important than ever to stay connected


COVID-19 caused major shocks and disruption in our lives and so our next live zoom event is focussed around wellbeing and I encourage you to share this within your organisation so that as many people as possible come together for this important seminar.

We’ll be looking at how to boost wellbeing and promote good mental health and giving you the tools to make some tailored action plans that can work within your business.

This one-hour session will be lead by Ruth Hughes from Curious Human. Ruth Hughes is a coach, educator, consultant and professional speaker in the fields of coaching psychology, positive psychology, positive education, culture shock and international student wellbeing.

Learning outcomes:

  • We learn why and how the coronavirus situation might have a similar psychological impact to that of a trauma and how this might affect ourselves or our employees
  • We explore psychological models that might give perspective to understanding the range of emotions, judgements and behaviours emerging from the uncertainty of the current situation
  • We build an understanding of how mental health issues might be triggered or exacerbated by the coronavirus situation
  • We scan for those who might be especially vulnerable, acknowledging other triggers such as homesickness, culture shock, external pressures, existing underlying mental health issues and exposure to a perceived hostile environment
  • We look at how to recognise and signpost potential mental health issues
  • We examine common thinking errors which can exacerbate distress, giving tips for reframing them
  • We develop an understanding of positive psychology as an evidence-based framework for promoting wellbeing
  • We look at examples of positive psychology interventions, how they can boost wellbeing, how they promote mental health and resilience and how they can be adapted for individual organisations
  • We provide a base for creating tailored action plans, using the PERMAH framework and the ACIA framework

We hope that you can join us!

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