World Travel Market Report

BETA were delighted to once again provide the Youth Travel content as part of the official World Travel Market seminar programme

The session was entitled: A Spotlight on Gen-Z and we recruited partners from Contiki Holidays, Facebook/Instagram and to help us deliver some key content.

The session itself attracted over 250 delegates who were keen to better understand the growth trends within the market and how to capture the interest of these digital natives.

Generation Z are defined by the fact that they have been surrounded by technology and the internet for the majority of their lives if not all of it. 

They are a powerful cohort with huge influence and according to Bloomberg

Gen Z is expected to reach 32% of the global population of 7.7 billion before this year is out

Contiki kicked off the session by giving us some valuable insights into the minds of the Gen Z traveller. As the young traveller evolves from the party culture to the now conscious traveller (93% of them believing that brands have an obligation to take a stand on environmental issues). They expanded on how to remain relevant to the increasingly ethically engaged Gen Z audience. 

Next up was who talked about how to effectively target and improve global acquisition across the world, looking at ways to adapt audience strategies for different markets and sharing the importance of working at a local level. 

Closing the session Facebook focussed their talk on creating a Zero Friction Future. Sharing insights that showed that the biggest threat when gaining bookings with Gen Z isn’t competitors but actually friction. They highlighted the “Look&Book” app which allows people to screen shot their destination, find the nearest airport and book the flights all with a few clicks

71% of people say they’re increasingly interested in services that save them time and effort 

They explained the importance of delivering an authentic, seamless experience. 

Some of the key themes which came through out of each presentation was to “make your audience collaborators not just customers and to “build loyalty and trust through communication


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