FCO Toolkit #PrepareForEUExit

Leaving the European Union (EU) means a number of changes that will affect businesses and individual citizens

Prepare for EU Exit is a UK government campaign to inform British people about how to prepare and the steps they may need to take. You may have already seen the advertising in newspapers, and on billboards and buses.

The UK travellers to the EU strand of the campaign, led by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, aims to reach British people to:

  • Inform them that EU Exit could affect their travel
  • Encourage them to find official information on gov.uk/euexit and take appropriate action before they travel.

Europe is the most popular destination for UK travellers. In 2017 there were over 58 million journeys from the UK to EU destinations.

How you can help

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office are providing important partners like you with a Campaign Pack in order to extend the campaign’s reach.

In this Campaign Pack, you will receive UK government communications advice and content for a range of issues relevant to UK nationals travelling to the EU.

The Campaign Pack

We hope the toolkit will provide you with information you can use in your own communications activity.

We appreciate that you may not be able to use the branded assets on your social channels. If you are not able to, we hope you may be able to raise the issues the pack highlights in media interviews, or use messaging contained within them in newsletters or internal communications.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will update this pack as information develops. Please do regularly check that you have the latest version, which will always be available to view or download from here