Feel Good Films spreads joy & doubles turnover during COVID

While many organisations suffered under the weight of COVID, Feel Good Films saw this as an opportunity to pivot, rethink their goals and rebrand – a risky move given the level of investment it takes to achieve this during a pandemic

Feel Good Films is a full service production company that uses video to capture a brand’s story, helping people emotionally invest in organisations through video. Their team works within the experiential, education and outdoor & adventure industries across the UK and USA to help bring their client’s vision to life.

Ranald Lloyd-Williams, Founder & Director said:

COVID was a strange time. We’d wanted to rebrand for a while but the mental health crisis we saw during the pandemic really drove us to pay extra attention to our client’s needs, and focus on how to best service them into the future. This meant doubling down on our business goals and redefining our core mission – to use film to help more people connect with companies making people feel good. We believe that when people feel good, they are more likely to bring good into the world. We wanted our rebrand to really showcase the amazing work our clients are doing to impact people’s lives in such a positive and uplifting way.

A survey by Qualtrics reported that 44.4% of those now working from home say their mental health has declined since the beginning of the pandemic and that those working remotely for more than two weeks are 50% more likely to report their mental health declining due to “more chronic sadness” and “more fatigue.”

Considering the financial, emotional and mental burden the pandmeic placed on individuals and organisations, prioritising positivity and a feel-good spirit has set the company apart from many of their peers. The recent launch of their new website is a delightful ode to adventure and carefree spirit that lingers long after you’ve left their site. It is this energy that reverberates off the screen that proves just how powerful positive branding can be. Everything, from their video testimonials and bold red colour palette to the playful tone of voice, screams fun and well, feel good.

Ranald, the company’s Director, is a firm believer in the power of positivity and heavily relied on this outlook to take the company to new heights.

Some of our biggest clients, Jump In, Go Ape and Pub in the Park to name a few, were heavily affected by the pandemic and this reinforced a very basic need human beings have – to live a joyful life. We really wanted our storytelling to honour that need.

Feel Good Films continues to support the experiential, education and outdoor & adventure industries by showcasing memorable experiences that promote physical and mental health and well being. “We all need to feel good and spread this as much as we can, especially during these times.” It is this attitude of service and community- building that has allowed Ranald and his team to double the business over this past year. And the company doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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