Feel Good Films launch new service, Summer 2021

Feel Good Films is a full service, award-winning production company, that has launched campaigns for brands on a global scale – cementing their reputation for delivering exceptional video content

Feel Good Films specialises in producing engaging video content for the experiential, lifestyle, education, outdoor, and adventure industries. Through genuine storytelling they provide a voice for passionate organisations. Creating a platform for customers to emotionally invest in & engage with businesses through film.

Feel Good Films has worked with summer camps professionally for six years. By creating pieces of visual art that are both enchanting and impactful, individual camp stories come to life. As the world globalizes, the role that visual narratives play has increased, largely due to the expansion of social media. Feel Good Films recognizes the need for this version of storytelling, which guided its focus towards businesses in industries that historically relied on word of mouth instead of media to convey who they are, and the culture and values they represent.

Like many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged Feel Good Films to revisit the way it operates. The needs of the camp world are different than they were a year ago. As directors ready their camps to run (some for the first time since 2019) they are faced with the challenge of keeping Covid-19 from breaching their gates. After speaking with summer camp professionals about their needs, Feel Good Films responded, they created an alternative offering that will help camps fulfill their media/content needs without introducing more people into individual camp bubbles.

The offering, known as Summer 2021, was created with the unique needs of a pandemic summer in mind. Summer 2021 offers a video editing retainer that is guided by the Feel Good Films family. Instead of being on site and potentially complicating camps’ Covid-19 safety protocols, Feel Good Films will be helping camps from a distance. While camps will be responsible for capturing footage themselves (through a dedicated staff member or multiple staff members) they will be supported. Camps will work with Feel Good Films in the months leading up to summer to create a strategic plan to ensure that the unique needs of each camp are taken care of. Whether those needs include video testimonials, activity videos or something entirely different, with Feel Good Films camps won’t be on their own. Through transparent video, camps are able to ensure that they’re marketing to potential campers and parents who may be looking to send their children to camp.

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, Feel Good Films has made it their mission to shine a spotlight on the positive. For thousands of campers and parents that bright light is camp.

Ranald Lloyd Williams, the founder of Feel Good films, told us,

We want to bring light to businesses and organisations who are running their business for positive change.

Since working with Feel Good Films, Canyon Creek Summer Camp has seen interest in their camper and staff applications soar. The content and media that Feel Good Films produces is raw, on brand, unique and above all else transparent.

Nick Coffing, Director at Canyon Creek Summer Camp, spoke to us about their experience working with Feel Good Films:

The reason why we chose and always will choose to use Feel Good Films is that they really understood and managed to capture what Canyon Creek is all about

Looking towards the future, Feel Good Films is to contribute to creating creative content to help camps rebuild after a tumultuous pandemic year and a half.

To find out further information visit: www.feelgoodfilmsco.com/summer2021

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