First Travel Solutions partners with Kingswood

We are incredibly excited to announce our newly formed outdoor adventure and school trip partnership. First Education & School Travel have formally teamed up with Kingswood to offer a fabulous, all-inclusive range of outdoor adventure programmes focusing initially on the coming lower season months of Autumn term into the Spring

Quite simply, this new partnership brings together two hugely successful outdoor activity and group travel providers, each absolutely focused on providing the highest quality adventurous experiences for schools and organised groups of young people.

Our intention is to offer a brand-new range of all-inclusive school trip packages, available all year round but with a particular focus on making visits during the lower-season months, September 2021 – April 2022. These all-inclusive lower season adventures provide even greater value for money and are designed to make taking part in a school trip more accessible for parents with tighter budgets.

What we offer:

Every requirement for a successful residential or day visit is brought together into one place and managed on your behalf, from the first contact through to your adventure and return home. The team at FEST includes some of the most experienced individuals working in UK school travel and tourism, with an understanding and knowledge that provides real support and assurance for group leaders.

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