Vagaband’s pre-travel readiness courses: Going Places

We have lot’s of exciting developments underway; new band designs, a brand new and amazingly interactive website, a series of exciting social media campaigns, and more

But, there’s one particularly fantastic development we need you to know about… the development of our pre-travel readiness courses: Going Places.

Going Places is the ultimate pre-travel prep course that helps empower young travellers when it comes to decision-making and safety awareness abroad. Our courses go beyond basic advice, discussing everything from conservation, to language and anthropology, in order to guide groups towards a deeper understanding of what it means to travel responsibly.

One of, if not the, most exciting facets of these courses, is the fact that they are led by a combination of highly qualified expedition leaders AND young, experienced peer-instructors, our ‘Vagabandits’.It is our Vagabandits who set this course apart from your standard safety lecture. These are the people who share raw and honest travel truths, based on their own experiences out in the wild wild world, with our course-goers.

As our Vagabandit community continues to grow, so does our course, reflecting the insanely dynamic and unique minds that help run it.This November saw our Vagabandits gather to work on the contents of Going Places to ensure that it stays relevant whilst delivering our message. We want young travellers to embrace adventure knowledgably, giving them the tools they need to remain safe whilst facing the uncertainties of international travel.

As the following photos show, it was a massive success that left us bonding over Pizza n’ Post-its at the Vagaband HQ in Chelsea, London.


We are absolutely psyched at the journey ahead for Vagaband and cannot wait to launch our new website, and promote the sensational course we have curated. You can expect some surprises this coming December and New Years, as Vagaband continues to expand on the global scale.

Keep your eyes peeled fellow wanderlusters!

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