Golden Tours Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience UK Debut

Created by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and co-organised by Golden Tours in London, Meet Vincent van Gogh is the award winning exhibition offering an immersive and emotional look into the fascinating life of this posthumously groundbreaking artist

During a visit to this unique exhibition, visitors will become completely absorbed in the life of Vincent van Gogh. You can touch everything in the exhibit; feel close up reproductions of van Gogh’s paintings and examine the brushstrokes to better understand his technique, walk through his studio in the Yellow House, take a selfie on his bed in a life size reconstruction of his painting The Bedroom, pull up a seat at The Potato Eaters table, and take a lesson in painting given by Vincent van Gogh himself! Touch, look at and listen to detailed elements of van Gogh’s life and truly get inside the mind of the misunderstood genius. This is an entirely accessible experience that is not just for the artistic elite, beautifully curated so that children, adults, artists, and those new to van Gogh will be moved and inspired.

Born in The Netherlands in 1853, Vincent van Gogh encountered many challenges throughout his life, including mental health issues, testing relationships, and a lack of recognition for his art.

Despite his many troubles, Vincent managed to produce some of the most iconic and revered art works of our time. Van Gogh only managed to sell one painting out of the 900 he produced during his life time, but in his death he is canonised and considered an unrivalled genius. In 1990, a-hundred years after his death, Portrait of Dr. Gachet sold at Christie’s auction house for $82.5 million, at the time the most expensive piece of art ever purchased.

Many only think of van Gogh in the context of a certain incident involving an ear and a knife, but this legacy does the great artist a disservice. His heavy, expressive brush strokes and method of often painting from memory (Starry Night) resulted in exceptionally emotional pieces, which many millions of people find personal meaning in today.

Meet Vincent van Gogh is a continuation of the original world first at the van Gogh Museum in The Netherlands, a sensory experience allowing visitors an immersive look in to the life of the troubled genius, and how Vincent’s emotions found their way on to the canvas. The Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience ends with an incredibly poignant section entitled ‘Success’, a digital and interactive complete collection of Vincent van Gogh’s life’s work – the only one of its kind.  

Meet Vincent van Gogh is the ideal addition to London’s arts and cultural attractions scene,” says Mikesh Palan, Managing Director of Golden Tours, “As an official Van Gogh Museum experience, it brings not only the prestige of the Museum but also a strong understanding of how to attract a diverse audience. This, combined with Golden Tours’ long-standing expertise in London attractions and events, makes for a very successful collaboration.”

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