GSH LIVE – Online Courses for Groups

We all love to travel and coming to the UK to study English at ABC Cambridge is an experience we can guarantee you will always enjoy. However, it’s not always possible to travel; a global pandemic or a volcanic eruption can ruin your plans at a moments notice! Therefore, at ABC Cambridge, we’ve decided that it’s time to offer something new for when these situations occur… meet GSH LIVE

What is it? 

GSH LIVE is specifically designed for those groups who would usually come to study face-to-face with us in Cambridge, but with one big difference… courses are provided from the comfort and safety of your own country – home, school or office.

Are online classes as good as face-to-face? 

The simple answers is YES! At ABC Cambridge, we’ve invested in an amazing online platform also used by schools and universities across the world! This learning environment is expertly created for teaching online and allows you to have a live classroom experience with one of our teachers.

​Classes are highly interactive with all the ‘usual’ classroom functions such as an interactive whiteboard, video and audio tasks as well as break-out rooms for group and pair work.

Outside of the virtual classroom, there is even a school Library with various resources for earning English, as well as a student common room where you can chat with your classmates outside of class.

What will I study?

​​At ABC Cambridge, we pride ourselves on providing unique programmes and experiences for our students. Whether you’re studying in-house or online, your group will have a range of course topics to choose from. 

As well as providing General English, Business English and Exam Preparation programmes, we also offer a collection of specialist courses. 

We provide lessons, workshops and activities for most areas of academia, business and industry as well as exclusive courses on areas of interest such as our “Save the Planet” project which can include workshops from Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Greenpeace. 

Check out the groups page of our website for more information!

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