HAGGiS Adventures releases first Impact Report 

HAGGiS Adventures releases first Impact Report

The Travel Corporation’s first Impact Report covers the progress our family of brands has made against our 11 sustainability goals since the launch of our 5-year sustainability strategy How We Tread Right, in September 2020

The Travel Corporation (TTC) is no stranger to evolution, now entering our 103rd year of business. Our award-winning travel brands are family-owned and run, and we have had the great fortune of being led for many of those years by our beloved founder and former Chairman, my father Mr. Stanley Tollman, who sadly left us late last year. My father truly inspired our team to be agile, to adapt and to do so with great care for those around us. He also instilled in us both the ability and the need to look long term, and that is precisely what How We Tread Right is. Launched in September 2020 – six months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic – How We Tread Right is our innovative 5-year sustainability strategy and action plan to rebuild better, supported by our not-for-profit foundation TreadRight. Over the past two years, hum..

Over the past two years, humanity collectively faced months marked with alternating periods of uncertainty, as well as of encouragement and awe at the world’s ability to find a way through the challenges and thrive in the face of such instability. For 2022, travel is rebuilding, and we’ve solidified our path forward, keeping our valued guests, our brilliant team that makes up TTC, and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about delivering on our mission to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® .

Embarking on the implementation of our sustainability goals, in the 15 months since their adoption, has been a remarkable process and one that fills me with great pride. Our team members’ commitment to achieving these goals has been extraordinary, and the strategy, through our implementation approach, has been met with great enthusiasm. Maintaining transparency is a crucial element in holding ourselves accountable against our goals, which is why I’m honored to share TTC’s first Impact Report – which has allowed us the opportunity to celebrate our successes and begin to realize the goals which need further attention – and more importantly, action.

Following the launch of How We Tread Right, we launched our Climate Action Plan, a five-point plan that commits to Measure, Reduce, Remove, Offset and Evolve, the last point of which we’ve already begun. Considering the continued progress the world is making on the climate crisis, we have expanded our climate commitment to achieve net zero.

2021 was pivotal to TTC’s advancement on our ability to measure our footprint, enabling us to forge ahead in finalizing our carbon reduction targets. As a company with a great many brands, we are unique in our space and so too will be the challenge to decarbonize, though there is no question regarding our need to do so.

Sustainability sits at the heart of what we do, and we have expanded sustainability leadership through the appointment of Sustainability Officers at our major brands including Trafalgar, Costsaver, Contiki, Insight Vacations & Luxury Gold, Red Carnation Hotels and Uniworld. They are a passionate group who now work directly with our TTC sustainability leadership team to ensure the implementation of our strategy at the brand level.

Additionally, we have doubled down on our efforts to identify existing MAKE TRAVEL MATTER ® Experiences and create new ones in partnership with our destination partners. By the close of 2021 our brands had identified a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience on 51% of our itineraries, our goal was 50% by 2025. The value of these travel experiences cannot be understated as they enable our travel designers to bolster the efforts of host communities in leveraging the economic benefit of the visitor economy towards achieving the United Nations Global Goals, the world’s blueprint to doing better.

My father always said travel is an incredible gift, and with it comes a great responsibility to ensure generations to come can experience the world’s magic the way we have been fortunate to enjoy and appreciate. How We Tread Right is our promise to continuously evolve, our long-term view to build resiliency through sustainability, and to carry on our former Chairman’s incredible legacy as I now endeavor to fill his shoes. He understood, as we all do at TTC today, that sustainability is no longer a case of business as usual, rather it is sustainability as an imperative.  Brett Tollman Chairman – TTC

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Published 01 July 2022