HPR must see in 2022!

A must see in 2022! The Tower of London’s moat transformed to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee

Since the creation of the moat in the 13th century, the space encircling the iconic Tower of London has had various roles, from an invasion deterrent to an allotment during the Second World War. In recent years, the moat has been the setting for two major commemorations for the Centenary of the First World War: the 2014 ‘Poppies’ and 2018 ‘Flames’ installations.

Next year, the moat will be the setting for the Tower of London’s tribute to Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

From June – September 2022, the Tower of London will be surrounded by millions of flowers for a stunning new “Superbloom” display. In March, 20 million carefully selected seeds will be sown in preparation for the main event, creating a vibrant sea of flowers designed to evolve throughout the months with different colours and patterns.

In addition to the visual spectacle the flowers will undoubtedly provide, the design, created in collaboration with architects Grant Associates and University of Sheffield Professor of Planting Design and Urban Horticulture, Nigel Dunnett, also aims to create a biodiverse space to support wildlife including bees, pollinators and seed-eating birds. Early tests in Summer 2021 have already demonstrated the power of even a smaller number of flowers to increase biodiversity in the moat. When the “Superbloom” display ends in September, the new natural landscape created to support it will remain in the moat as a permanent Jubilee legacy.

The explosion of colour within the urban landscape will also celebrate the value of nature to our wellbeing. The positive impact of green space on health is widely recognised and the pandemic has highlighted its importance. We at Historic Royal Palaces hope that the transformation of the moat will inspire similar positive change across the country.

Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace and Hillsborough Castle and Gardens will also host smaller floral displays to mark this momentous occasion.

Groups of 15 or more can purchase discounted combination tickets for the Tower of London and Superbloom via the Superbloom webpage 

Prices for groups booked and paid online before 31 March 2022: Adult: £32.20, Concession: £25.80, Child: £16.10

Prices for groups booked and paid online from 1 April 2022: Adult: £33.60. Concession: £26.90, Child: £16.80

Tickets now on sale

Contact groupsandtraveltrade@hrp.org.uk for more information.  

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