Immerse Education partners with a number of high profile organisations

Immerse Education partners with a number of high profile organisations

After ten years of providing exceptional educational experiences to students, Immerse Education is building on its quality and reputation with a number of high profile partnerships to enhance student outcomes

Immerse Education is an award winning  academic programme provider, operating both online and in residence, for motivated students around the world. With their residential programmes taking place in world-renowned, inspiring locations including the world-famous colleges of Cambridge and Oxford University, University College London and Sydney, their award-winning preparation programmes support the most ambitious students on their path to academic excellence.

As a company with a reputation for providing premium educational experiences, Immerse  are always working to offer more opportunities to their participants. Additional subjects launching this year include Game Design, Fine Art, and PPE, as well as programmes at the University of Sydney, Australia. Immerse are building on their strengths and continuing to offer new educational experiences to students.

To further enhance learning experiences for the learners who attend their programmes, Immerse is working with a variety of exciting organisations to continue to enhance opportunities  for their students. From digital events passes to magazine subscriptions, these partnerships give Immerse participants more access to educational resources and invaluable networks to continue their academic growth and prepare for their future beyond school. Some of the organisations that Immerse have recently started working with include:

  • Royal Society of Biology
  • Royal Society of Literature
  • London Business School
  • StartUps Magazine
  • School of Coding

With many more partnerships to be announced in the coming months, Immerse students are set to benefit even more from attending one of their programmes. Whether they choose to study in residence or online, participants will be reaping the benefits of these new partnerships both during their studies and for years to come. 

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Published 02 February 2023