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To coincide with our 10th anniversary, the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) has published a study into the consumer trends, behaviours and attitudes of over 4000 youth travellers aged 11-35 choosing the UK for study, work or leisure.

This project is part of the association’s ongoing commitment to providing industry research, insights and events to demonstrate the enormous value of youth, student and educational travel to the UK.

BETA’s last study Britain’s Shining Opportunity looked at the volume and value of the youth, student and educational travel market to the UK, with findings showing that it contributes over £20 billion per annum to the UK economy.

We are clear that travel from a young age provides experiences, forms opinions, and allows greater cultural understanding and tolerance of other cultures and nationalities. We know that such experiences contribute directly to the UK economy and the overall competitiveness of Britain. We also know that young travellers to the UK are likely to return throughout their lifetime, to work, trade and tour.

The full study is valued at £495 + VAT to Youth Travel Organisations and individuals and £995 + VAT to Public/State sector Organisations.

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Executive Summary


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Key findings