International Friends talks to TripAdvisors Experiences

TripAdvisors Experiences talked to some of the world’s top-selling tour operators to uncover the secrets of their success. International Friends part of GTi Travel Group was one of those tours operators

What started off in 2004 as a family business offering student tours has evolved into one of Britain’s top-selling travel companies. Today, International Friends offers a range of tours and shore excursions that take visitors to top British attractions such as Downton Abbey’s manor and Harry Potter sets. But what’s really made them stand out is their ability to give their customers something extra—that hidden gem that they wouldn’t have found on their own. They do this by operating in small vehicles that the larger coach buses can’t access, and by having a team of expert guides that know all the secret spots not found on the typical tourist maps.

Their advice? Always be on the lookout for new possibilities and opportunities, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes—that’s how you learn and grow, and sometimes changing directions can lead to even greater success. At some point, you’ll get it just right.  As Jimmy Greene, Owner / Director of International Friends, says, “There’s no better feeling than being told by customers you made their holiday, beat their expectations, and gave them a once in a lifetime trip.”

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Source: TripAdvisor / International Friends