Invasion announces major rebrand, changing its name to Intravelr

Invasion, the company behind Camp Thailand and Camp Bali announces major rebrand, changing its name to Intravelr

Invasion, a company that specialises in providing unforgettable experiences to the young generation through its brands Camp Thailand, Camp Bali and more, has announced today that it has completed a major rebrand of its parent brand Invasion

Intrax, a San Francisco based company, acquired Invasion Camp Group in 2021. In order to reflect the coming together of both organisations in the United Kingdom, Invasion has now changed its parent name to Intravelr (, where the “In” is the merging of Intrax and Invasion – and “Travelr” reflects its core mission to create life changing cultural exchange opportunities around the globe.

Invasion was founded in 2008 by Nick Steiert and has seen an exponential growth in the past decade. Following the COVID pandemic and the recent US expansion, Invasion went through major challenges and changes. It is now ready to take the next big step to inspire the next generation of youth travel as we come out of the pandemic.

Nick Steiert, CEO at Invasion, says:

This marks a very exciting new chapter in our company’s history. What was born Invasion has evolved into Intravelr and with the support of Intrax, we have achieved something that is truly in-spiratiational.

There have been so many moving parts that have gone into the rebrand of Invasion into Intravelr across design, sales, marketing, tech, operations, finance and the launch itself, that it’s been amazing to see everyone come and passionately work together on it, across both the UK and US. It’s been a true team effort and we are proud of everyone’s contribution and the amazing culture we have built and will continue to grow.  

Whilst the sun is setting on the Invasion brand, an exciting new dawn is here with the launch of the Intravler brand and we are very excited to see where this brand goes.

Dennis Wong, CEO at Intrax, says:

What attracted Intrax to Invasion’s portfolio of camp and travel products was their ability to connect with the customer while raising awareness around global topics such as conservation and sustainability.

Rebranding to Intravelr connects both our past and our future, a reflection of us internally as a company and externally with our customers and partners. We are excited to start this new chapter with the rebranding to build on our mission to connect people and cultures.

The company has also released a new logo and website redesign that is aligned with its growing business model, reflecting a new wave of innovation and creativity for the upcoming years to come. The brand’s colour red has been replaced with a vibrant light blue, representing Earth, nature and water, which are all primal elements in the company’s programs.

Intravelr will now be the home and umbrella brand for Invasion Camp Group’s exciting Camp brands, such as Camp Thailand, Camp Bali, Camp Maldives, Camp South Africa & more!

With a core mission to create life changing experiences and cultural exchange opportunities, Intravelr will offer a range of enriching experiences with a focus on sustainability, travelling with care, all resulting in a positive impact.

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