Through genuine storytelling we provide a voice for passionate organisations. Creating a platform for your customers to emotionally invest in and engage with your business through film

Feel Good Films is an award winning film production company, working in the experiential, lifestyle, education and the outdoor and adventure industry.

For us a film is more than just pictures on a screen. It’s a story encapsulated in the things you see, the sounds you hear and the feelings felt by the people experiencing it. At Feel Good Films, working with organisations and businesses we create films to evoke emotion and tell stories in a way that hasn’t been experienced before.

Using strategic marketing and an annual video production strategy, we work with your organisation/business to help you market all year round. Creating on-going, regular premium films which are distributed out on your designated social media channels and marketing campaigns. Covering all aspects of your organisation/business to help achieve your business goals through premium video production assets. These films will support your over arching message of your organisation and help you remain current all year round.

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