Since 1999, Group Travel Videos has been producing keepsake videos made from photos taken by groups travelling together. Technology changes has advanced our product to be more than a keepsake video

We have developed the best app for a group to use whilst travelling. Today’s world demands privacy and safety, and our app delivers both. No emails or phone numbers are needed. The group has a unique username and password. Once logged into the Group Travel Videos app, individual travellers can share their favourite photos with each other. Family at home can virtually follow along and gain peace of mind as they see their child having a fun, and safe trip whilst they are away from home.

Group leaders love the memories, too. But they also like the safety and communication features. The app has a locator feature the group leader can use to keep up with their travellers. This mapping feature works online and off. They no longer need to give out their mobile number, as they can message the entire group, subgroups, or individuals privately through the app (students cannot message each other). The document feature allows important items like the itinerary, rules, Covid-19 health safety protocols, and so forth. Word documents, PDF, and Excel spreadsheets are the type of files that can be shared. These can have active links included. The group leader may want their students to review these as they travel to their destination. All conveniently at their fingertips, and is the green feature with no need to print out these documents. Plans change in the middle of the trip? The tour operator or the group leader can put updated documents in real time and users will get a notification of the update. As an additional safety and privacy feature, the mapping and messaging functions work the day they leave until the day they return home.

Group leaders have the ability to delete any photo. All users can delete their own photos, and their name appears under the photos they share with the group.

About a week after they return home, Group Travel Videos will send a notification to everyone know when the video is ready to watch! This can be done on any device – smartphones, tablets, or computer desktops. Parents usually sit down with their student to watch the keepsake video. This reinforces their post-purchase of the trip, and they how their child benefited from the investment.

Finally, the product creates the potential of a wealth of marketing elements for the tour operator and the group leader. For example, they use it as a recruiting tool for next year’s trip. They can have last year’s video playing in the background as they give their presentation about the next trip. The audience sees people they know, and there is an extra emotional boost to their decision to send their student on the trip. Over 20 years of data has proven this product increases group size and continuity for the tour operator to retain the business. Thousands of groups use the product worldwide each year (except 2020 of course!).