Combining over 25 years of experience in education travel, Trinity UK is a young and vibrant educational provider accredited by The British Council

We have a choice of campuses around the UK where our students can learn or improve this beautiful language and live and breathe the real British culture. We are currently expanding our portfolio with new desirable UK locations.

Our goal is to make the student’s stay in their destination of choice the most fun and constructive as ever. We are working with different Agents around the world so our students will have the chance to speak and practice the language with other foreign students, both outside and inside the classrooms and as it often happens make new friends for life.

It is a unique experience!

Our students usually study with us for one, two or three weeks. During the stay they will undergo a varied and attractive activity programme, taking them to a number of destinations both local and for the length of the day, also allowing for them to relax and have a fantastic time on campus.

We offer our Full Time Tutoring System (F.T.T.S.) which offers our students entertainment alongside study, both inside and outside of the classroom. The students are divided into ‘houses’ in the style of ‘Harry Potter’s Hogwarts’. Twice weekly the students will be offered a choice of one of three extra ‘area projects’ of 1.30 hours duration. Subjects include Drama (including building self-confidence), Science & Environment (experimentation and inclusive, problem-solving games) or an Introduction to The World of Work (including writing introduction letters, building a C.V and job interview techniques). The leader board will be updated every night prior to dinner, so the students can see the progress their ‘house’ is making.

Our teachers are all certified for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and our staff is highly trained and the security of our students is paramount. Our student’s age range from 10 to 17 years old. Our British Council accredited UK language schools offer attention to detail, a safe learning environment and the experience of a lifetime.

Trinity UK, you study, we care.

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