Trinity International Education (TIE) is a young and vibrant educational provider accredited by The British Council since 2011. The management team have a combined 57 years’ experience

We have a choice of campuses in the US, UK and Italy where our students can learn or improve this fascinating, yet essential language while being immersed in the local culture. We are currently expanding our portfolio with new desirable locations.

Our goal is to make the student’s stay in their destination of choice the most fun and constructive as ever. We are working with different partners around the world so our students will have the chance to speak and practise the language with people from all over the globe, both outside and inside the classrooms, making new friends for life. It is a unique experience and one I wish I had had the opportunity to take in my earlier years!

Our students usually study with us for between one and four weeks, though the average is two. During their stay, they will undergo a varied and attractive excursion
programme, taking them to interesting and entertaining destinations, allowing them to use the language learnt in the classroom in the real world out there.

A minimum of 15 hours per week is spent with qualified teachers, using TIE’s new course book, designed and created by our academic management.
Our aim in the classroom is to help students consolidate what they already know and, maybe more importantly, give them the confidence to actually use the language.

We operate all our schools and camps in accordance with best practice and local accreditation. Our offer is simple: a safe learning environment, attention to detail and the experience of a lifetime

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