Vagabands are the tech-free travellers’ wearable which communicate the personal and medical needs of the wearer while they travel

Allergies, conditions, medications and contact info are all stored on an unfolding, bilingual, collectible wristband made of a near-indestructible paper alternative called Polyart. Since they don’t rely on screens or signals, the patent-protected Vagabands are the most reliable safety device on the market; they speak for travellers in trouble from Soho to the Serengeti.

When we first began developing Vagaband, we were often asked whether health apps and other tech-laden wearables made our low-tech approach redundant. While it’s true that smartphones and GPS trackers can do a great deal, we found quickly that they represent a false safety net: technology is fragile and fickle – screens break and batteries die and signal is often unreliable… especially while travelling.

We firmly believe that travel is a basic human right – a necessity of life – and that we all should see as much of the world as we can, so that we can learn from it and connect with it… for people to throw themselves into an adventure like that, they need to feel simultaneously free and supported: They need a safety net, not a GPS chip; a friend, not a bodyguard… that’s why we always say that Vagabands watch your back, but never look over your shoulder.

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