At wombat‘s we do our best to create an extraordinary travel experience for our guests.

You meer people from all around the world, share stories and wonders. And the best thing, you are part of the adventure of travelling.

Sure, in the end, we sell a bed for the night, but we are all about the whole atmosphere and travellers’ vibe.
We combine this vibe with amenities that hardly any hostel has offered before.
We created a place that is great for young, budget travellers to mingle, make friends and have a good time.
At the same time, it’s affordable and top-notch in terms of security, cleanliness and facilities.
The word “Hostel” does not only describe a place or business to us. It stands for a philosophy. Our way of life!


Our Address:

Wombat City Hostels,Nikolsdorfer Gasse 7-11, Top 16, Vienna 1050, Austria

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