Yo-Yo School Exchange is a bespoke education consultancy and exchange service provider. We specialise in organising English seasonal schools in the UK for students from Mainland China and Taiwan, school-to-school exchange programmes, and long-term school-to-school partnerships

Over the course of running our Summer and Winter School programmes, we have taken hundreds of children on their first-ever trip abroad, giving them a life-changing and eye-opening experience, and countless opportunities to meet and bond with students from a totally different background.

Our school-to-school programme focuses on connecting like-minded institutions and organising events and programmes that are in-keeping with their own specialisms, ethos, and goals. In particular, our highly-successful ‘Busy Bi’ Pen Pal programme (‘Bi’ [“bee”] being the Chinese word for “pen”) links students directly, helping them take the first steps to breaking down cultural divides. Many of these students then get the chance to meet their Pen Pal in person on a Yo-Yo-organised exchange trip – always a moving experience never to be forgotten.

Our primary goal is to give children from both sides the chance to meet counterparts from the other side of the world, to discover a new culture, and form friendships and bonds that will last long after their initial exchange experience. This is why Yo-Yo School Exchange is not a tourist agency – our success is measured in the numbers of friendships and careers founded on the back of a Yo-Yo School Exchange experience.

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