Kickstart Scheme opportunity

Are you interested in having a 16 – 24 year old join your team, fully funded by the government? The KickStart Government placement scheme goes live in November

Bayswater College is proud to be working as a Gateway on the new Government Kickstart programme. We are looking for companies who would like to get involved, it’s very simple the government fully pays for someone to complete a 6-month placement at your company.

So, what is the programme?

The government is investing £2 billion into this scheme offering over hundreds of thousands of young people realistic chances to get on the career ladder.

This programme gives anyone aged 16-24 who has been on Universal Credit a chance to work for a company for six months gaining valuable career and life skills with a prospect of a full-time position at the end of it.

This is a fantastic opportunity to offer young people a real step up in their career and help their future job prospects. It gives people first-hand experience of the workplace whilst employers can benefit from young and talented individuals.

The intention is that companies participating in the Kickstart scheme will “give young people a high-quality job, including training and/or job search support” during the placement. Placements can be in person or remote. The scheme is due to start from November 2020 through to December 2021. 

How does it work?

The KickStart programme offers the following:

  • The Government pays each person enrolled the National Minimum Wage for their age. (As an employer you can choose to pay more if you wish)
  • The Government pay all associated employer National Insurance contributions.
  • You receive up to £1,500 (from the Government) for each person you employ for support, training and setup costs.

These roles must not replace existing positions within your company and require applicants to work a minimum of 25 hours per week for 26 weeks. There is a maximum of 30 positions available per company.

What’s in it for you the employer?

The KickStart programme gives you:

  • an extra pair of hands for FREE. Even the NI is paid by the government.
  • keen, young people in your company for 6 months
  • money to train them and set-it up too
  • an opportunity to help these 16-24 year olds have brilliant experience and gain valuable skills
  • a fresh perspective and energy in your company
  • chance to ‘do your bit’ by helping these young people on their career ladder, they’ll always remember you for it.
What do Bayswater College do?

Applications for the KickStart scheme from interested organisations need to be done in batches of 30 people. Whilst larger companies can apply directly, many people in the international education and travel industry will need to go via a gateway. Bayswater can act as a gateway on your behalf and coordinate your application. Taking away the hassle for you.

As a Gateway Bayswater will support you in the process and Apply directly for the funding for the 30+ roles on behalf of participating companies. We will be responsible for passing on salary payments from the Government to the participating partners’ payroll departments.  We also offer the CV Writing, interview practise and preparation that is an essential part of the programme. We also provide sales training or a full Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing so that you can have a better trained person working for you and plug a potential skills gap in your organisation.

From the £1,500 available to each employer you can choose from the following options:

Wrap around service   £500 *

A wrap around service for the whole programme including:

  • Filtering CVs from prospective applicants
  • In work support and mentoring
  • End of placement in person Job Preparation training at our College in Bayswater. This includes professional assistance in CV Writing, interview practise and planning for long-term career aspirations and targets

Sales Training   £1,000

The wrap around service plus:

  • Professional Sales training with Industry experts online
  • Preparation for working in a Direct Sales Role or B2B
  • Monthly follow up sessions to support your new team member

Digital Marketing   £1,500

The wrap around service plus:

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing issued by the Digital Marketing Institute
  • This is a six-month on-line course that is self-paced
  • 10 modules, including interactive on-line content and pre-recorded lectures

*This is the minimum mandatory amount Bayswater will deduct from the grant

To register your interest in the KickStart programme click here or if you have any questions then please contact

Bayswater’s mission is to educate and inspire the next generation. We look forward to working with you to give a 16 – 24 the opportunity to thrive in your company.

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