15 years of London to Brighton for Coach Direct

For the 15th year Coach Direct have just completed the contract for the British Heart Foundation’s London to Brighton Bike Ride

This year Coach Direct sourced and managed 85 coaches for the event which operated with 40 articulated lorries, transporting the cyclists and their bikes between Brighton and Clapham Common. We also operated a park and ride service which included minibuses, coaches and luton vans that were fitted out with bike racks for the event.

We are also creating a new booking system that will include vehicle tracking and student tracking so that our clients can see where the coaches are at any given time. They can also have the option of tracking the students if they opt for that functionality which would be great for students visiting the UK from overseas, especially unaccompanied Minors. We will be trialling the software with a top North London school in September 2018 which will give us the opportunity to iron out any teething problems and improve the functionality ready for a mass rollout early 2019. The new system will also calculate the carbon emission savings which has been endorsed by Carbon Footprint. It will give examples of the amount of carbon that would have been created using smaller vehicles and the resulting carbon savings by using larger vehicles and moving the passengers in one vehicle rather than multiple vehicles.

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