Claim your Londonist API

Hate waiting for replies to emails? In today’s world of immediate response, it makes sense for us to help get you to the answers you really need as quickly as possible.

We don’t like waiting either, so we completely understand that you would want a brilliant solution that helps you service your students faster, better and with accuracy.

How can Londonist API help you? We’re very excited by this. You won’t lose time (or clients) by sending emails, making calls and having to interrupt your client service to find out the availability and details of our student residences. Sounds simple, right?

So what is API? The term API is an acronym, and it stands for “Application Programming Interface.” That doesn’t really tell you much, though, does it? No problem – just think of API as the messenger between your agency and our system. API will tell our system what you want to know and get back to you with an instant response. Ta-da!

How can you use it, in real life?

Let’s say you wanted instant details on one of our residences. What facilities it has, what types of rooms, descriptions, extra services and of course, prices.

With us so far?
You use the Londonist API to check yourself – no more waiting around. You ask the question; you can add check in and check out dates too and the API checks with our very own system right here at Londonist.

You get an immediate response. No more hanging around or searching for the information. It’s right there in front of you instantly! Great, eh?

If your student has their dates ready you can just type them in and see what availability we have among our accommodation options and give them the answers right there and then. Straight away! Leaving you more time for a cup of coffee, a chat with your colleagues or even .. helping more clients!

OK so now you know how it can save you time and give you more time for more clients let’s look at what you need to do to get this piece of software genius.

It is a very easy and simple process. We dislike complicated technology almost as much as we dislike waiting around so we’ve made it super easy for you.  You just ask for an API code from the lovely Londonist team (like many have already done). Then the magic happens – it will take you only five minutes to embed this code into your website or CRM system. That’s it!

And don’t worry, though we want to make the new Londonist API helpful and save you time, it doesn’t replace the human touch completely! Rest assured, our team is here to answer any other queries you may have, and we love to talk with you. We want to help you make sales in the most efficient way possible to your students as that means they’ll come and live in one of our awesome student residences. And from there they get to experience life and all the love that Londonist gives to our students.

Sound good? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Londonist team to receive your API code.

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