Londonist DMC Partners with Edvisor

Londonist DMC is excited to announce they have partnered with the software platform Edvisor – an established booking platform designed specifically for Education Agencies

Edvisor is a well-renowned innovated platform that allows agencies and schools to undertake business together in real time with a portfolio of 7,500+ agents, 1,500+ schools and is used world-wide in 50+ countries.

This is a strategic partnership for Londonist DMC, providing a direct distribution channel to education agents faster and further around the globe, assisting in communication and connection more efficiently and effectively. This will allow a scale up on their diversity of agents, by showcasing their company of award-winning work which entails a safe, welcoming portfolio of 35+ residences in prime locations in London and Dublin, alongside 5star services which specialises in finding the ideal “home away from home” for each student.

Asim Erturk, owner of Londonist DMC has said: “We are continuously looking for new ways to further grow and develop Londonist DMC, thus why we are excited to partner with Edvisor as we are very confident the platform will contribute in enhancing and leveraging our business through their innovated systems. We look forward to increasing our communication faster and more efficiently and widening our partner portfolio around the world.”

Agent’s usability of Londonist DMC on Edvisor possesses ease and simplicity, giving access to all information needed and required from Londonist DMC, and is unbelievably straightforward – just see the 6-step process below!

Edvisor is revolutionizing the international education industry through technology, by pushing the sector into the next chapter of innovation and Londonist DMC is thrilled to be taking this journey with them.

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