Londonist Launches Virtual Reality Tour

The first virtual reality Londonist experience is here and now you can explore one of our residences from your couch!

Immerse yourself in our VR environment and get a taste of our amazing facilities from the comfort of your home. During the quarantine that all onsite viewings have stopped, the Londonist VR tour comes just in time to offer you the best possible way to remotely experience our services. 
Start our VR tour to perform a lot of different actions at our Spitalfields Residence: receive a warm welcome at the reception, relax at the cosy communal areas, watch a movie at the cinema room, do yoga at the spacious gym, join a creative painting class, wander around the rooms, and have fun at the crazy party that takes place at the 32nd floor with a breath-taking 360o view of London skyline! If you are brave enough, you can even…fly over London!

What are you waiting for? Dive into our VR experience now!

Take a virtual tour now

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