Virtual Youth Industry Networking event, 24th June at 4pm

To make sure you have the best experience you will need to know the following:

Before the event

Please take a moment to click on your unique link and confirm your registration details, as this is what will be viewable to fellow delegates within the system. Once this is done you can add the event to your calendar.

Joining the event on the day

You must join the event from a laptop or desktop (tablets and mobile phones are not supported) using Google Chrome Joining using other browsers will mean that you will not have the full experience and will be unable to interact with attending members – which of course defeats the purpose of the event!

Enter the event via your unique link, a few minutes before the event starts please take a moment to add a profile picture or even a company logo so that when in the social lounge members can easily identify you by brand or face.

  • When you enter the event you will have access to our Social Lounge, here you will see a number of tables
  • You’ll be held in the Social Lounge until the majority of attendees have entered
  • At the start of the event we’ll do a quick welcome session and run through to help you get started
  • Members will then start the Speed Networking session. You will be matched with fellow members at random
  • Make sure that your camera is on and your mic is not on mute
  • Meetings are timed at 10 minute intervals and you’ll receive a 30 second countdown to alert you that your next match is on the way. You’ll be alerted to who you will be meeting next and you have the ability to skip the meeting, the system will then match you with another member
  • If another member is not yet available you’ll go back to the Social Lounge. From there hit the ‘start speed networking’ button at the top to re-enter the cycle
  • You can also choose to end a meeting early if you have nothing else to say, again as per the above, the system will either find you your next match or you’ll return to the Social Lounge
  • During the session if you need help, go and take a seat at the EVENT HELPDESK