Ardmore integrating online learning into Curriculum with Ardmore X

Children and teenagers learn in a very different way now than they did a few years ago. With the rapid development of online learning resources and cultural adjustment to distanced learning, we want to share how you can use Ardmore X to integrate the old approach to teaching with this new way of learning to create a more adaptable and insightful curriculum for our students from around the globe

What are the benefits of learning online?

Following the dramatic and sudden increase of online learning resources, the benefits of combining synchronous and asynchronous teaching are being realised around the world. Online learning platforms make accessibility an easy option for schools, helping to adjust to the individual needs of the student. Pupils are getting more from their lessons without expending extra time or resources from the teacher. TES has found that schools using online platforms have been able to run activities like one-to-one reading tests more efficiently with online education tools.

Online tools also enable students to continue their learning outside the classroom. For example, teachers can set homework and arrange meetings outside of classroom hours to work through any issues that the student might be having without them necessarily being in the same place. This presents a huge benefit for any international students who may be quarantining following travel.

Integrating online learning into the curriculum at Ardmore

On Ardmore X, our online educational platform, students and teachers work together. The materials are chosen to fully engage and motivate younger students, focusing on real English through audio clips, authentic texts, and an extensive library of authentic video theme-based content, all with guided language activities. The possibility of students recording themselves speaking in English is a wonderful way of making improvements – the students can hear, compare, and adjust. Teachers and students can also message each other orally, in addition to written messages, providing more opportunities to interact communicatively.

Accredited by the British Council, Ardmore X has stand-alone self-study materials and teacher-led materials to be used as part of a ‘live lesson’. The lessons and materials focus on really developing communication skills, especially on developing speaking & listening skills for better understanding of authentic language.

As the future of education evolves further, Ardmore X is designed for students to use as a self-study tool outside of lessons, with a large resource of supplementary materials, or together with a teacher. Students have access to more instantaneous feedback, more activities, and greater levels of support.

Ardmore X is ready to support students and teachers as the future of education evolves further. The platform can be used by students in very different ways:

  • to prepare for their language trip in UK or USA & Canada, Ireland
  • to use whilst studying at an Ardmore centre to further enhance their learning experience.
  • to continue their language development after they return to their home countries.

As much of the reading and writing is done outside classroom time, either in preparation for the lesson or to consolidate after the lesson, the course programme maximises classroom time for communication & interaction. This way, the students and the teacher can focus on the use of the language in a communicative way when together in the live lesson.

By integrating online and in-person study, students receive an accessible and well-rounded method of learning English. As we see education change further, we’re excited to see the further development of this teaching method through the use of Ardmore X.

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