With peak season just around the corner, why not bulk up your team by taking on an intern this summer?

BETA member Anglo Educational Services are an established Study Abroad provider and are recognised by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education). We work primarily with US universities to place their students in a part time internship as a part of their academic programme in London.

We have students who have are studying across a number of areas including marketing/PR, finance, statistics and design. Some key universities we are working with this summer include UC Berkeley, George Mason, Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin. Their start date is in June and depending on the programme the internship would run for 6-10 weeks.

The benefits of having a student intern include:

  •       Gaining access to enthusiastic students with specialist skills and knowledge
  •       An extra pair of hands to work on a project or assist busy employees
  •       There are no fees or payment at all as the student gets academic credit from the internship

Some more information on Anglo Education can be found at: http://anglointernships.com/for-employers/
Do get in touch on idm@angloeducational.com as we’d be happy to share some candidate CV’s that we think would be of interest to you or run through an information call.