Science Museum: Turn It Up: The Power of Music Exhibition

Turn It Up: The Power of Music Exhibition at Science Museum

Explore how music shapes our lives in this landmark interactive exhibition. Why does music have such a hold over us? What is it about music that drives us to create, perform, feel, and connect with others?

Find out the answers to these questions and more at our major exhibition, Turn It Up: The Power of Music. Inspire creativity and get a chance to hear, interact with, and even make your own music! After a hugely popular run at the Science + Industry Museum, our major exhibition about the incredible power of music has now arrived at the Science Museum in London.

Music, your group will explore the science and secrets around the impact music has on us through unique interactive exhibits.

  • Step into a newly commissioned musical playground, where you can play with beat, melody and harmonies.
  • Take a musical Turing test to find out the difference between songs written by humans and machines.
  • Meet Haile, the musical robot that can play and improvise alongside human musicians.
  • See the groundbreaking MiMU Gloves, created by Imogen Heap and used by artists like Ariana Grande to make gestures that control music-making software live on stage.
  • Discover weird and wonderful instruments like the Pyrophone, an organ powered by flames!

From learning how technological advances can make music more accessible for everyone, to the ways in which music unlocks emotions and memories, Turn It Up is an unforgettable, hands-on experience where you can feel, remember and reflect on what music means to each of us.

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Published 01 November 2023