Which airlines accept solo travellers under 16?

EasyJet has made a recent rule change, which means the airline no longer accepts bookings for solo travellers aged under 16

The amendment states that those aged 14 and 15 can continue to fly alone until Sunday 27 October if the booking was made before Friday 5 April, but can no longer make new reservations.

There is concern amongst the industry that this will have a negative impact on business. The team at English UK have provided some research to highlight a large number of airlines that continue to accept 14 and 15-year-olds as solo travellers and we encourage members to share this information with agents and partners to help them to find the best route for their inbound UK travellers.

Sarah Cooper, chief executive of English UK, said: “We have explored this issue with EasyJet, who explained that their concern was for children’s welfare in case of emergency. This appears to have been both amended on their website and communicated by them to passengers who had already booked. They have indicated they have no intention of reviewing this decision.

“However, our research into the policies of over 20 airlines suggests that the vast majority do accept solo travellers from the age of 12, with a smaller group accepting them from 14 or 15. The cut-off at 16 seems to be limited to the budget airlines Ryanair and EasyJet.

While we are disappointed that EasyJet has made this change, we believe most centres and under-16 students will be able to find good alternatives.”

What is the minimum age for children to travel alone on the most popular airlines?

Airline Age Additional information
Aegean 12
Aer Lingus 12 Parents need to sign and hand in at check-in an indemnity form.
Air France 15 On international flights.
Air Malta 12 Except from Italy where minimum age is 14.
Alitalia 15 On international flights.
Austrian Airlines 12
British Airways 14 No unaccompanied minor service available but younger students can be accompanied by students aged 16 and over with parental consent.
EasyJet 16 Teenagers aged 14 and 15 can continue to fly alone until Sunday 27 October if the booking was made before Friday 5 April, but can no longer make new reservations.
Emirates 12
Eurowings 12
Finnair 12
Flybe 12 Limited seats available.
Iberia 12 Unaccompanied minors (UM) option available. 5-11-year-olds must use the UM service.
Jet2 14
KLM 15 5-14-year olds must use the UM service.
Lufthansa 12 12-year-olds can be responsible for under-12s. 5-11-year olds can travel alone if they use the UM service.
Norwegian Airlines 12 It’s mandatory for children aged 5 to 11 years to travel as an unaccompanied minor if they’re travelling alone or without an adult aged 16 years or over.
Ryanair 16
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) 12 Unaccompanied minor service option available for 5-15 year olds. 5 to 11-year olds can travel using the UM service.
Swiss International 12
TAP (Air Portugal) 12 UM service optional.
Thomas Cook 14 14 on a direct flight to the UK. They must be able to travel unaccompanied.
Turkish Airlines 12 7-12s can travel unaccompanied.
Virgin Atlantic 12 5-12-year-olds must use the UM service.
Wizz Air 14
Vueling 12 14 years of age for Italian students.

This information has been accessed from third party sources and neither BETA nor English UK cannot be responsible for the accuracy of information