Spotlight on Ranald Lloyd-Williams, Feel Good Films

Tell us a bit about your role and how it supports the business?

My role as the director and founder of Feel Good Films is to help share our ‘feel good’ message on an external platform. A core part of my role is of course to build new relationships and help lead our productions but also ensure our team are well looked after and feeling good within their professional careers. To support them with progression and growth on a daily basis.  

What has been your career highlight to date?

My career highlight to date is when I showed a film I produced for one of our long term American summer camp clients to the whole camp of over 500 campers and staff on the big screen. At this stage in my career I was working part time on the business and juggling this with a second job. 

The moment the film finished the sea of people started chanting my name which was incredibly overwhelming. At that moment I decided if 500 people love my work then I know I am on the path to creating something truly special. From that day I went full time on my business and I never looked back since. 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Everything happens for a reason – From starting my own business from the ground up I have learned a lot about myself through both the highs and the lows. Learning early on through my peers that within business that everything happens for a reason allows me to have a very positive outlook while growing my business. 

If you were not working in this sector what other industry would you have pursued a career in?

Teaching – I have a long background working in organisations teaching and working with children. From teaching tennis to working at summer camps, it has always been a huge passion of mine. 

What are the emerging trends within your sector?

The importance of video and the demand for video content is growing and developing on a regular basis. A trend which is becoming evermore important especially after the past year is creating content which is authentic to your business and organisation. Consumers are demanding transparency from companies and want to be left with that ‘feel good’ feeling when consuming video content. 

There is no better way to communicate our clients values, beliefs and authenticity than through video. We’re continuously working with our clients to produce people led, authentic and positive driven video content. 

What is coming up for your company in the next 12/18 months?

We have a number of new exciting collaborations and partnerships which are coming up in the next 12/18 months. As well as creating further opportunities for new people to join our team on a permanent basis and expanding our own creative space. 

Name three positives to come out of lockdown.  
  • Recognising the importance of family, friends and community
  • The confidence in people taking the plunge in starting that venture they have always wanted to do
  • The importance of mental and physical wellbeing

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Published 04 September 2021